Dominion East Ohio Secures Sufficient Winter Fuel Supplies; National Natural Gas Prices Higher Than Last Year

November 27, 2007

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Dominion East Ohio is ready to deliver sufficient natural gas supplies for its customers this winter heating season, so customers can set their thermostats with confidence. Meanwhile, U.S. Energy Department officials advise customers to expect slightly higher prices than last year.

Record high oil prices and forecasts of colder temperatures than last year have affected natural gas prices, but increased domestic production, high national gas storages volumes and an increase in imports of liquefied natural gas should help moderate any price gas price increases this winter, according to the Energy Department.

Dominion East Ohio’s diverse gas supply sources and its large storage capacity ensure that the company will have sufficient natural gas supplies to meet its customers’ winter heating needs, noted President Bruce Klink. As a subsidiary of Dominion, Dominion East Ohio’s storage system is part of North America’s largest natural gas storage network.

"Storage gas is close to the market, readily accessible and extremely reliable," Klink said. "Storage provides greater flexibility, enabling Dominion to respond quickly to changing customer needs. For example, during subzero cold snaps, Dominion can withdraw gas readily from storage to meet customer needs, rather than having to rely on additional deliveries from interstate pipelines."

Dominion urges customers to practice conservation, to reduce their winter heating costs. For low-cost and no-cost conservation tips, check the Energy Conservation and the Environment section of

Dominion continues to urge customers to consider their options under Energy Choice. Today, about two-thirds of the company’s 1.2 million customers buy their natural gas from an Energy Choice supplier, while remaining Dominion East Ohio customers for the delivery, or transportation, of that gas to their homes or businesses.

Because suppliers roll out new offers come from time to time, customers should continue to review information available on the Public Utility Commission of Ohio’s "Apples to Apples" chart. To get a free copy of the "Apples to Apples" chart, which compares various supplier offers, contact the PUCO at 1-800-299-7271 or visit the Commission’s website at

Also, the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel updates its "Comparing Your Energy Choices" chart weekly, and offers the online "Calculating Your Energy Choices" worksheet, along with general information about participating Energy Choice suppliers. The OCC's website is and the toll-free number is 1-877-PICKOCC (1-877-742-5622).

Dominion is one of the nation's largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of more than 26,500 megawatts of generation, 7,800 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline and 1 trillion cubic feet equivalent (Tcfe) of natural gas and oil reserves. Dominion also owns and operates the nation's largest underground natural gas storage system with about 960 billion cubic feet of storage capacity and serves retail energy customers in 11 states. For more information about Dominion, visit the company's Web site at


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