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Oct 6, 2016
Supplies from Dominion’s Eastern Market Access project would heat homes and generate electricity
Sep 21, 2016
- Spring Ridge Constructors, LLC will be lead construction contractor of proposed 600-mile pipeline project
Sep 19, 2016
- Grants totaling $50,000 will be awarded to school-based arts and education programs in Virginia
Sep 16, 2016
-Agreement achieves companies’ goal of protecting customers this winter
Sep 13, 2016
- Grants to focus on programs providing shelter, access to health care and food security
Sep 7, 2016
- Companies inform union members they will not be able to work until new labor contract achieved
Sep 1, 2016
- Celebrating one-year anniversary of expanded program with weatherization events in three regions
Aug 30, 2016
- Six students selected from 123 applicants in seven states
Aug 30, 2016
- Half- million tons of coal waste piled along Clinch tributary used as fuel
Aug 24, 2016
- K-12 and higher education grants will help nearly 100 learning institutions in 11 states
Aug 9, 2016
- Grant expands engineering program to teach about super small devices to enhance green energy lighting, solar cells, and more

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